World Support For France’s Mali Campaign Seen By Israel as Hypocrisy

Israel commended France’s campaign in Mali to stop “terrorism” in Mali as it is potentially at the “doorstep of France and Europe”, but it saw the world support given to the campaign as a form of hypocrisy. In the point of view of Israel the ruling government of Palestine Hamas is a terrorist group, though the UN  made their negotiations with them and most of the world approved of this. Most nations practically condemned Israel’s attacks against Hamas, saying that it is unjust.


France recently increased its military presence and campaigns in Mali over the last weeks at the request of Mali’s government. The west African nation is currently held by terrorists who are imposing a harsh form of Sharia muslim law on citizens. Observers report civilian casualties, including women and children, under the rule of the terrorists.

Israel’s Ambassador to UN Ron Prosor talked to the UN Security Council last Wednesday and pointed out that he thinks it is a double-standard that France gets world support for fighting terrorists “at their doorstep” while Israel “cannot fight a terrorist just inside their living room”. Prosor pointed out the lack of world support for their actions against Gaza and he only intends that the world would support Israel’s campaign against terrorism on their borders as well (Source: Israel Today).  The analogy fails to appeal to the minds of most people – the French are considered as doing the right thing internationally.  Israel cannot be said to do be doing the same.


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